Tue, 04/22/2014 - 00:25 -- emhebb

I just new you where going to be here forever 

as a kid  I believed we would always be together

when we talked about our future you was always there

But now our present is our past's future, and you not even here 

I swear this is everything I never expected

God taking my sister, my feelings neglected 

I'm angry and I'm hurt, and fuck everything 

This the worst feeling I ever felt in my life 

Ashley I'm sorry I wasn't there for you  

She called me crying saying she didn't wanna be there 

She been through so much  

God why her 

And my mother I still haven't seen her cry 

I know the pain is too much to release 

And almost giving up life because I didn't care 

Last thing I told her

I love you 

I love you girl


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