The world’s aglow 

Starlight blazing on the ash and snow 

Our kindling breathing in the frozen air 

Low and fair 

Warmth desired in my aching bones 


My love is strong 

Built to last in the blistering cold 

You give me light and I need you here 

And despite my fear 

My voice is as silent as the falling snow 


It’s hard to speak 

But words between us appear to be meek  

And the fire’s never been so orange and bright 

As it is tonight 

So I hope to see you again, my friend 

In days to come as I sit here and wonder  

If you’ve lost or won on your quest to find 

Not only yourself, but the end of time 

So if forever is what you seek 

Seek no more 

Because forever with you is what I’m fighting for 


This poem is about: 
My family
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