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So I guess I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I gave you too much credit, And I wish I could go back to the start of our story and provide it with a few edits.
When writing this poem/song, I took inspiration from the greatest rapper of our time (in my opinion), Tupac Amaru Shakur/also known by his stage alias, “2PAC” while listening to arguably his most popular diss song called “Hit
I’d laugh Care Understand Feel empathetic Love But all of this and more I’d still have if you hadn’t ripped my heart out and kept it for yourself
[I've never been one for screaming. But when something hurts deeply, I chastise for hours -- albeit at a normal volume.] These instincts betray me. The good nature I try to uphold
A fire: I will take everything You ever loved And burn it to the ground. A wind: I will whip these ashes around you, Taunting you with memories lost,
He was a man of God but that thug didn't care in the least.That animal walked into a Parish and murdered the Priest.When he was arrested, he said that he killed the Priest because he hated God.
A man broke into my house and killed my entire family.Because of his corrupt lawyer, he was found not guilty.He killed another family and was found not guilty a second time.
He's on his knees. He's lost everything. All this pain, is inside him- boiling. His wife slaughtered and raped, as well as his daughter. No justice, no justice. There is nothing left for him.
Love is funny, don't ya think?  I met you once, and stopped to blink. Is this for real? or is it fake? We hung out never, yet life's at stake. You kissed me millions,
hands create the apperance, words pour from my veins imaginative for my imagination,  i can't even explain. The plane that marks the x on the spot is my treasure. The pen and my words.
It was the hottest summer of the year.Elysium had no job or life to bear,so she made a choice to volunteer for a duty tour to Iraq.She had no idea what the summer would bring,
See you are the type of girl who wants everything handed to you You want diamond rings, foreign cars and clothes made by designers who's names you can't even pronounce
When you are boiling up inside, It seems impossible to hide. Your soul begins to light on fire, Like a forest blaze would transpire. The hate may break your heart in two, But in the end it's up to you.
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