He's on his knees.
He's lost everything.
All this pain, is inside him- boiling.
His wife slaughtered and raped, as well as his daughter.
No justice, no justice.
There is nothing left for him.
Angry tears streak his face,
staining firey red in their wake.
The ones who did this are going to pay.
Make them burn, burn, burn, in Hells flames.
He cuts a young girls throat, slices her eyelids
Does the same thing to his victims as those monsters did to his kin.
Their screams can't satisfy his need for vengeance.
He grabs his hair, twists his feet, pummels the guy dead into raw meat
He slices out his own heart
Kills his very soul
Death was never his life
Even then, his pain still grows
He's a demon in disguise
Made his deal with the devil
At this point, he's already lost hope
He crumbles to his knees
Gurgles blood from his throat
Clutches at his stitched eyes
He's a pitiful bloke
A joke
It's so sad.
He's broken.
He's screaming, yelling, cursing himself.
The flames lick his body in a harsh caress.
It's too late, his soul is damned.
Not only his soul, his spirit too.
His wife and daughter are in Heaven.
They can't reunite.
Started with one, scattering his own life.
His eyes are stitched so he can't see how happy his wife and daughter is inside of Heaven.
His throat is swollen, he can't scream out that he loves them.
He's in Hell, brain boiling.
Never let vengeance consume you.
This man was vengeance.
They say you can still hear the way he moaned, trying to call out his wife's name
Every Saturday night,
Down alleys,
Echoing off the walls and seeping through window panes.

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Wow this kept my mind captivated amazing emotions keep writing


Thank you! I most definitely will.

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