Jermaine’s Fallen Pride to Life


It was the hottest summer of the year.
Elysium had no job or life to bear,
so she made a choice to volunteer for a duty tour to Iraq.
She had no idea what the summer would bring,
but evidently she thought she met a true man of her dreams
Unmarried, Jermaine said he was,
And so she believed him without question.
She took part in meeting him in odd places,
not knowing what he truly left behind at home.

Jermaine was a man of deceit and lies.
He left his pregnant wife Ambrosia to make other ties.
Not to mention this was his second wife,
And both her and I were the naïve.
He lied to us both and took advantage of our love.
Jermaine was the bad seed, Ambrosia was of the good.
She had a son waiting to be born.
She was soon to find out the real truth.
Because Elysium went to questioning his true loyalty.
She used her intellect and asked around,
The answer was heard he had a wife, Ambrosia,
And a child bound to be born.

However, when both women begot the intellectual knowledge of his ways,
They both went after him and destroyed his pride.
He could no longer use us for we were no longer naïve.

His son Daemon later grew up,
Never around his father.
He loved his mother with all his heart.
He took it up on himself to avenge his mother.
He surprised his father at the door,
Fought with him till his death.
Jermaine, a tired soldier and diseased man,
Died without dignity under his own flesh and bloods hands.

Daemon rushed home spoke to Ambrosia of what he had done,
He exclaimed to her we won! The deed is done!
Of all the years he never payed child support
Or changed my diapers, like the viper I am,
I destroyed his kingdom and web of lies.
Daemon, was the son of a man with deceit,
His son, Daemon, now had growing pride
Because his father just died.

And so the intellect of women can destroy a man,
Only because the son himself was brought up to hate him.
Daemon vowed to always defend a woman’s rights,
And he will kill again if the feeling was right.


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