Mister Murder


Love is funny,

don't ya think?

 I met you once,

and stopped to blink.

Is this for real?

or is it fake?

We hung out never,

yet life's at stake.

You kissed me millions,

and waited by doors.

You grow up fast,

with a job mopping floors.

I can't love you,

because you cheat.

I'm not upset.

Just tired, and beat.

You accuse me of everything,

and I'm not ready.

you say you love me,

yet you're going steady.

your ex turns the corner,

she laughs and smiles

and tells me it will be awhile.

She got away from him once before,

because of "things"

and shuts the door.

I let him go,

he turns and runs.

Myself in shock,

he has a gun.

"If I can't love  you, no one can."

I whisper to him,

"you're not my man."

I see why he is known for murder

and his girl had left, because

he hurt her.



The twist at the end was surprising. Great poem.


thankyou so much. I also wrote a novel that came out last year, it's called Fate, Love, Tears. If you're interested check it out! My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks, so he was my inspiration. I write a lot, I went to school for English and changed to Nursing. realized, writing is just my thing not a career .

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