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Even though the road hasn't always been clear. Even though there where difficult obstacles to overcome. Even though the odds are stacked against me. I will never ever give up on my dreams. 
Success contains a dab of enthrallment Has a thrill of amusement with a pride of accusement too.   The scent of blossoming folds and the victory untold where mysteries are bold.  
It's time to move on Day one, the blood is gone The scar remains, the pain's the same But be willing to stick it through It's a new day, same challenge faced by a new you
Who am I to become?   This answer I wait to come..   As I wait I think all day   I have to prove them all my way   The way to make them say   Wow she actually did over come
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
I know i've got an education. 
In life we all make mistakes. We all try to make it somewhere and do something. We want to be accepted in our respected communities. Though, it's not that simple: We must climb the mountains,
With your mind be let you dreams be inspired. Just know that perseverance is required. Cause one spark can start a forest fire.
I try to live my life as you see fit  To be the person you want me to be and not who I desire to be  My heart yearns for freedom my unspoken words dig into my flesh 
Silent Thoughts Thoughts, That’s all they are That’s all I make. Will they ever be any more? Will they ever be any less?
Stuck fighting a battle that's not her own
You can never be betterYou will never do betterYou don't deserve betterThat's what I tell myself everydayI look in the mirrorDisgusted with my appearanceFull of regret from the decisions I've made
When it's gotten so hardThat you scream upon deathTo take you away from this miserable placeAnd you cry because no one can even noticeThat your crumbling insideThat your shattering into pieces
The decisions she's made lurk behind her like a predator and it's preyShe's never known where she belongedShe's never known what to sayHer voice weak in the crowdsShe cannot speakShe cannot be heard
what would i say could change? it would be me. My knowledge of how powerful education really is and how successes could better me. How education would have helped me become a better me.
Dear Future Me,
We're often exposed to music  We're often exposed to violence What you don't really hear of is becoming greater than yourself. You can achieve greatness, you can achieve more.
  They say suicide Is a selfish act. Although I never could fathom why When it is so difficult to acquire the help one needs For when problems are spoken And cold words form in the warm air
You can do itLife gets hard sometimes But you can do itJust keep going Do it for yourselfBecause you are important You must give your life meaningEven if you feel like nothing is left
Okay God, what do I do now? I've prayed and rebuked, but the feelings of everything cloud my mind. It's not that I don't try, I won't lie, I do try... But, peace never seems to pass me by.
All is not lost Blossoms bloom through frost. Can’t the impossible be just a myth? Did not David beat Goliath? Everyone faces trials, Fear, doubts, and denials. Grin and bear it.
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