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Have I ever told youHow much it means to beSomebody who cares for you and meI love you just the way you areTo be with you, I'd give the stars 
Have I ever told youHow much it means to beSomebody who cares for you and meI love you just the way you areTo be with you, I'd give the stars 
Love me unconditionally...
Don’t joke about love, It’s to be taken seriously. Don’t lie about love, True feelings shouldn’t be a mystery.  
When I was with her, I felt like I had to compete For her attention, affection, adore.   When I was with her I never felt enough.
You deserve to know what it is that you do to me. A face framed by rich chocolate eyes and a glistening smile; your every word or deed somehow leads me back to loving you.   
Because I Love You   “Because I love you” Is a beautiful phrase It means more than life And it should never be used in vain   “Because I love you” Should never be said
I lay in bed with a sickness from hell, He did the laundry.  I lay in bed with a sickness from hell, 
A shattered heart, Torn apart. You broke me with such ease, Knocked me down on my knees.
Because I Love You The sight of you taunts me Because I Love You Your short skirt is daunting
Is it love when it's a constant push and pull that seems to only consist of the push? Is it love when it narrows your vision blurring anything outside its scope? Is it love
Real love is gained through actions and not words. Love is not about someone's physical being. It's a deep understanding of the mind and soul that can be blurred. It's a force beyond what you are seeing.
My dearest Natalie,  Because I love you I tell to change I tell you that you are too fat I tell you that you need to starveI tell you that you will never, ever, be good enough,But it's only because I love you.  Because I love you I make you lie Th
Love isn't something that can be explained but felt. Love isn't something to take for granted but to cherish. Love is putting someone else's pain and suffering before your own with no hesitation.
My depression is like I’m swimming through a deep darkness Thick and black like oil My airways are blocked Panicking desperately to reach the surface But an anchor chained to my left foot
I Crave Something
I can make believe that I don't feel this way
Walked in shattered, Plastered to pew,  shadow black, back row 3 to the right, Looking for immunity in community, Only to find more scrutiny, Black sheep, Cracked heart,
After awhile you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.  And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning  And company doesn't mean security.
  When you look for it you can’t find it.
I fear myself well who i think i might be i might be gay but my heart denies me it tells me no yours as straight as they come and then i see her and the butterflies run
I'm sorry!
  How am I suppose to feel? These feelings are so real. A burning passion With no attachments. A love so deep
I loved you so much,Your feel.Your touch.The way you walked.The way you talked.I loved it all, so much.
It all starts like this: you meet someone attractive, there is chemistry, and they possess everything you have been searching for in a person all your life.
I love you the three most misunderstood words. It's not that you love her but you lust her. To her it sounds so right but your the biggest dog and she's suffering from your bite.
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