Married Without a Marriage


It all starts like this: you meet someone attractive, there is chemistry, and they possess everything you have been searching for in a person all your life. Something about this human being sparks deep within your soul like stars on a midnight sky. No matter what you do you just cannot shake this person off of you because when you see them it’s as though you have been blown away by a hurricane in the middle of august. That’s it you cannot take it anymore it’s just too much, so in comes words like, “I cannot live, eat, sleep, breathe without you.” “There is no one else in this world I’d rather be with.” “I’d die for you or if we could not be together.” Then the big one, he/she pops the question.

            Yup, set in stone or shall I say, legal papers singed in front of judge, a big propaganda wedding, and two overpriced material accessories that go on the finger. Wow, so this is what the indescribably powerful emotion that holds the universe together in a mystical way transforms into huh. Sadly, people worldwide believe is the ultimate way to represent the undoubtedly spellbinding feeling they have for one another.

After no one hears any wedding bells, the bliss runs out, the ring is irrelevant, and the hype fades, something changes. What, a change! When did that happen? It went from, “we are alive destined to be together.” “Nothing will never tear us a part!” to bum-rushing the same judge who legalized the treaty in order to declare war.

 I thought when one finds their soul mate the pair is together forever.  Whatever happened to that? If this flame is eternal, why does it burn out? Now a day’s couples who claimed they were inseparable, bonded together by ‘matrimony’, and infatuated with each other cannot stand to look at one another. It is true, good things do not last forever. Yet, maybe that ‘good thing’ was never good at all, it was just an illusion. If he/she was “the one”, you would still make two.  Maybe we are just too human to understand the true meaning of unicorns, rainbows, and all the stars above.

Or maybe there are still couples out there who see beyond all of the artificial memorabilia and propaganda because they exist united, regardless if they declared their union or not. They woke up and realized that the law, ceremony, or jewelry not under any condition will exemplify the cloned beating of their hearts.




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