Do You Really Love Me?

Don’t joke about love,

It’s to be taken seriously.

Don’t lie about love,

True feelings shouldn’t be a mystery.


Why would manipulation convince me to stay with you?

I’d rather you claim you love me and it be the truth.

I’d rather you ask me for my love in return,

But instead, you induce pain and expect me to thirst for you.


Don’t take my devotion to making you happy as weakness.

Don’t say you love me and decide it’s best to keep secrets.

“Because you love me” should be used to captivate me,

To bring us closer.

To prove your love is deeper than “because I said so”.


Healthy relationships require a trust, a special bond.

You should know you can call me if you and your parents don’t get along.

You can call me if you’re crying and need a shoulder to rest on,

If you don’t know what to do but listen to slow songs,

I’d be there.


Healthy relationships require respect and compassion.

Your actions should express to you I’m more than a distraction.

Because I love you you’ll always be a top priority,

You’re unique, one-of-a-kind, and you mean more to me,

Then all the other people I interact with within a day,

Because no one compares to you.


If I was you I wouldn’t stop until you knew how much you matter,

Until you knew how extraordinary you are,

And how much being without you makes my heart shatter.

Because I Love You


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