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Do we live our life, or are we the pre-determined strife walking amongst light, if so I'd rather take flight with my angelic wings tonight, sceptic will say it's flight or maybe bow their heads in freight, hearing the feint sound of mice before th
“Make us Proud,” my family requested “Study Hard,” my teachers commanded “Obey the Rules,” the society admonished “Be great,” inspirational speakers said
Looking out the clear glass but dirty window I see the trees shy from the harsh, cruel wind, My mind wonders how whirling air blow; Here in a room is where I imagine.
The first days of the year Uneventful, typical Like the empty ground of winter   I was a daisy Buried deep under frost Procrastination, Loathing, Fear Deeper than snow Hard and frozen
Life Sometimes in life, you will start off slow And trust me I know it blows Life
Don't dance the words of a lullaby Don't cry the words of a goodbye Don't die in the words of a rap battle  Don't overlook the sights you see in the blink of an eye its all gone 
Who am I with #NoFilter you ask... You may see a  dollar all wrinkled and torn and then that perfect straight crisp dollar but they both are still dollars right? Filters just cover up the imperfections on the outside.
She is a Plain Jane
Lonely soul, lonely soul what happened here? Did they push you to the ground In your mind instilling fear? Did they hurt you and abuse you Shout obscenities in your ear?
Move like an ocean, 
Get Lost   "Get lost! You ignorant teens!"
The day of all days is the day that I triumphed,
Sliding down a cliff of glass, Seems to be full of grace. But when the reflection catches my glimpse,
What is this life we live? We can’t get back the time of day We learn, we work, we suffer We give our precious time away The memories we make The lessons that we learn
Life is beautiful just look around Don't you see all of the lovely creatures They're having fun just crawling around
Making the world go round, A piece of advice you hear everyday. You keep turning and trying and living, But what is that? anyway. You try and you try  But you go no where, nothing. 
the steps we take, one by one, so that when we're older we can have a break, have a drink sit back and relax, cause when we're all young we gotta break our backs, for success and money,
They tell you, you won't make it Unless you fake it Your dreams stay dreams And the reality never changes The barriers have been created And the time has been dated Only for those who are gated
We’ve only got one last night To light the town on fire I want to hold you tight Until morning dawns upon us
Let me be modest. Let me be sorry. Let me be social. Let me be young. Let me make war. Let me be loved. Let me become better. Let me live life.
Leaving My dream come true Can I really do this? Believe and keep on believing Living
Most may think that being beautiful is the sight of a pretty face, But being beautiful is many things. Beautiful is ht happiness exploding out of your body, The eruption of giggles, The fine gft of kindness,
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