Day of All Days

The day of all days is the day that I triumphed,
It was the day that I felt like I was a giant.
The day that the children jumped and played,
The day that the wind rocked and swayed,
The day that the ocean danced with joy,
The day I heard a beautiful noise.
It was the day that spring came,
The sun shone on the strong and the lame.
The day that I grew a passion to dance,
The day the lights grew dim for romance.
The day that the earth sprouted with change
T’was the day that the winds called my name.
But when the dawn became day and the day became night, All of the creatures took to flight
And the sky became dark, lit only by stars,
And the planets showed both Jupiter and Mars.
The light of the moon shone bright on my face,
And the wind danced around me 'til I felt its embrace.

The day was over, it was finally done, But soon enough the next day will come. 



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