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it starts with hot breath   he leans in to kiss her  
I went back to the train station today   I screamed over the roar of the people that I didn’t want you to get on board  
I jotted down a message to myself in my phone: “Write a poem about watches and bicycles and poetry.”   Is that all he really left me with?
It's 6:27 on a Thursday morning  I woke up with a knife in my stomach and I'm missing you   It's 7:39 on a Thursday morning 
The sun shined, and the sand burned, The waves were soothing and calm, My hair soared while the wind turned, The hot sand was grasped in my palm.   I felt a sensation of unexplainable joy,
Jealousy doesn't get you anywhere in life. Chasing doesn't get you the person you want. Stealing doesn't get you the satisfaction you deserve. Screaming doesn't get people to listen. 01°30•15°
I want you. I want you so bad to be like her. To remind me of the times when I had a smile and everything was fine.
Where'd you go?
I remember thinking that you are as consistant as the sea,
I miss the sound of your voice I miss your smiling face You're so far away But soon my darling we will be together Soon I will feel your loving embrace Soon I will feel your passionate kiss
Someone is going to come this way one day,I know I expect a miracle today,But, no one can come to me unless the street dogs,No man comes to me except the rain,
For those of you who have a BURN BOOK... This is different. Not really. JS- My first kiss, nice enough kid. TH- Angry Anakin, such a moodie cutie. Well, Padme didn't stick around.
She was beautiful beyond compareyoung, brunette, and fairI could not help but call “Hello there!”My dear and beloved Lillian.
I can feel her hands touching meas if we were in love yesterday, 
Craving the embrace of your limbs intertwined with mine, Leaving marks upon my sunken skin, Oh how our love was yet another violent crime, However you left me broken and thin,
You've captured her, she's free no more. You've vanquished her, she lives no more. She's already dead but you dance on her grave like a maniac hungry for any drop of profit you may rape from her body.
Death  near my grave, Fear in my mind,
This girl has got me tongue tied 
i called him last night it was 5:23 am the phone went to voicemail-he was sleeping because he had to work in the morning my friends tried to take the phone away from me
My Love, My Love Pain. That is all I ever felt without you hugging me into a soft embrace, Lost.
Love was in the air. You and him were the only people breathing. The world stopped for the of two of you. For your adventure seemed so endless.
You used to whisper into my ear sweet nothings I love you, I would never hurt you, Leave you, I will only and always love you.
Dirty feet and white sheetsLovers down and oceans foundTravel with me and discoverWhere we are and where we are meant to be
The rose needed to bloom The rose was doom
I see you looking at me,
My mind is sense, it keeps me safe. My heart is passion, it beats it breaks. My mind and heart are always challenged My heart and mind are never balanced.   My mind “thinks” and “ticks” and makes its lists
Every morning, Every day, i feel as though i haven't found glory, maybe i'm a stray.    If he could only know, how i feel as though i've lost him.   Throughout the years,
  How do you live with yourself? How can you sit there and pretend nothing happened? Don’t you realize? Can’t you see what my life has become because of you? Because I let you in,
She asked me how I knew it was love and I didn't know what to say.
There's a large crowd and I'm in the back. All preps and pretties with beautiful bodies are at the front.   The second crowd,  only with men hurry to find the prettiest girl
Waiting on you is like waiting on War Anticipation
My heart is still breaking and I haven't stopped thinking of you since. This apple sends down my spine and puts goosebumps on my skin, but not like you can.   I'm trying to cope.  
No one wants us to be together, Every time we're around each other our friends give us stormy, cloudy weather, Rain drops, Thunder storms and Rumor Swirls How do we live through this bad weather,
When I try reading his mind Its just a Big Question mark. When I examine his eyes He looks past me, And more focus on anonymous things. 
I AM the girl who loves coffee and good music Who loves to read and paint and sit and enjoy. Who loves to be at peace, floating through life. Who you can find in a big sweatshirt and panties, Without a care in the world.
Everytime I look at you My life changes for the better. Whenever I feel like crying, We can laugh together. All I need is a glance in your eyes. You don't see how perfect you are But I wish you did.
Hiding my head, losing my mind. Drowning in sorrow, surrounded in sadness. Gathering my thought, smothering them with hate. Searching for a reason But found chaos. Clinging to hope But found reality.
Sugar does not crave more sugar and vinegar does not crave more acidity.    Sugar craves water, and heat.  It longs to be a syrup–smooth, sticky, and sweet. 
Promise me, we will still be in love, years from now. Promise me that you kiss my tears away when I cry. Promise me that some nights, you'll let me hold you the way you do me.
Roses are red  but not as red as the sunset in my dreams,  where we're sitting together on the beach, laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day Violets are blue
Love is the ocean. It's unpredictable, one minute it's smooth sailing and the next it's a terrifying storm of overwhelming waves.
Tell me everything that makes you you  all your flaws, so I can love them,  all your scars, so I can kiss them,  and in the night I will cover your body with all the love I  have to offer 
I was once an open book; my emotions and deepest thoughts were the cover. One day someone ripped out my pages and tossed me into a dark corner.
Dead and gone you may now be Take your place among the stars Our joyous, wonderful memories Forever, dwell within my heart
This is a poem for the next girl to break my heart. I will write angry poems about you. Post them on billboards. Pray to a God that I don’t believe in. Dead stars should not shine.  
From the time I was a cub, I knew how to roar. My mother lit a fire in me before my paws touched the earth And maybe I’ve burnt things down. Arson is a crime, but love is not.   I was taught to love all men,
How does it feel to have poems written about you and not to care?
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