The confessions of a teenage call girl


I never asked for this.. this moment. I am lying here to die with nobody on my side and the one person who i had thought cared, shot me with careless bullets.. eyes closed tight mouth shivering in the dead cold silence and then boom. 

My life flashed before my eyes..

How did i get here? This place so familiar but somehow new. From a new perspective..

He used to be so nice.. When we first met he was the apple of my eye now he is poisoned and i am Snow white pleading for mercy.. Asking for forgiveness from a man who doesn’t deserve my apology but, i wanted to live. If not that, tell my mom i am sorry, i never meant for this to happen.. it’s not your fault.


He just kept shooting and shooting and shooting blood spattering, eyes closed,tight mouth sivering in the dead cold silence and then BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM. I’m going to die. I’m going to die there is no way i am going to make it out alive…

The metal door shuts and locks..

So to whom it may concern,

I asked for this.. I basically put the gun to my own head..

The next time you meet a guy who doesn’t care how many bottles of $600 champagne you go through before he can take you home, stoop drinking and run as fast as you can. He will hurt you and trick you into thinking it’s love.. He will make you kill, steal,sell your body to the highest bidder and still have the nerve to ask where his cut is.. and you’ll give it to him out of fear he won’t stay if you don’t.. He will hold your body careful as he tells you to get rid of it… The one good thing you could’ve had in your life he takes it away because no one likes babies anyway. And when you catch a fallen devil he will tell you to mask it’s ugly face and get your ass back on the corner.. And just when you think it’s a safe place to talk he will kill you.

Shoot you where you stand and walk away.. eyes closed, mouth tight and shivering..

Because this time he actually let himself fall in love but never enough to save you.

So the next time you see a man with more money in his wallet than you can ever imagine.. Run

-From a teenage call girl BOOM


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