• Lost in the forggoteness, of this unforgiving shadow.
    i've never forgotten how the pain feels
    how the silence grows

    but among this i don't stop hopeing
    I can feel you in my heart 
    one things for sure
    we will always find eachouther.

    untill death tears us apart
    or tears leave me dry ill always find you.

    the truth of my love for you is swallowing me
    you know as well as i do
    that i want to embrace you and never let you go.

    right now i feel as if your made from heaven, 
    and im stuck in hell.

    the truth will free us both
    wherever you are
    i wont stop searching

    wherever you go
    i wont forget
    that we'll always find eachouther
    that ill always find you


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