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I don't understand how commercial air travel is still the transportation of choice. Masses of travellers being crammed into the plane like a tin can of sardines.
Words on a page like birds on a plane just a double standard no words can explain I tried to figure out what the birds tried to say Tweet, tweet, tweet, not a social media page
You and me, on a wornout blue seat, in airy pillows of the same shade. My head on your shoulder, you lightly tap me. Honey,  We're here.  
starlight, starbright, first one I saw tonight was really a plane.  blinking lights and then it was gone taking me away with it. I tossed all my wishes in that hollow metal thing. 
I scooch back pressing my body into the hard leather seat that’s just barely too upright to be comfortable.
I am the cup of ramen noodles I keepforgetting to take out of themicrowave. I am the orange juice that spills on a fourteen hourinternational flight. I am the mint plant on the windowsill that only thrives
I don't think you understand The effect the word 'college' has on me. The more you talk,  The more my heartbeat races.   Taking off like a plane to Britain It won't stop.
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