Birds on a Plane (Funny poem)

Words on a page like birds on a plane just a double standard no words can explain

I tried to figure out what the birds tried to say

Tweet, tweet, tweet, not a social media page

Don’t put them in a cage as they would go crazy or insane

 It doesn’t make sense since they are flying inside a plane, almost sounds the same


They are trapped either way but at least they have a destination: Norway or Spain

They are flying high like infinite construction cranes

Why must we say these birds are on a plane?

They have special feathers and strong wings that are already trained


The birds don’t wear seatbelts as they defy gravity

There are too many of them creating hostility

They all know each other so they are fairly friendly

Any turbulence and it’s a tragedy


Staying in their lane they can’t complain

One thing there are way too many wings

Inside voices don’t exist they are chirping away melodies of bliss but get this

It sounds like a concert wave were nobody hears each other just dancing in a craze


One said, “Baby, where is my Chinese food I am caught up in a maze.

Maybe some utensils a little catering to settle this plane

Because every bird in here is driving me insane.”

Some of them fell asleep, wings strapped to the seats

Feet dangling off the edge like warriors in defeat


What did they do nobody knows?

How can the birds be so tired they are stuck like ballistic black crows?

Loose talons flying everywhere, some decided to clip their nails

Dangerous since they flung around like projectile missiles

It doesn’t end well, for some will fling them back and check it off their bucket list


One wish is to have peace of mind, One says, “I want to take a shower

To get my feathers crisp, all this humidity and nails got me feeling dirty on this trip!”

Confusion floods the air as the plane flies on

Nobody knows the time of day their migration schedule flipped on snow mode


Too many personalities all in one cabin

The pilot named Gavin doesn’t seem to notice

The gruesome boxing matches happening, he just focuses on navigating

While everyone is laughing


 All fun and games until things became havoc a little tragic

 For the birds were in their zone: talking on the phone, plants they grown

 Reading alone, modeling some clothes, most things unknown

Plane depressurized, windows cracked, they turned their backs

Started to flap their wings and shoot out the windows like bullets


They had a wonderful time but the hour came to fly back home

Double flying results in chaos as the story was told…


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