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shaunsterxxx legends never die i make good songs ayy all six nine wanna do is kill me ayy im  shaunsterxxx  legends never die i can feel my energy getting worse
You better howl if you wanna be heard, wolf, Sing it even if it sounds absurd, wolf, Change is everything—now watch her turn, wolf,
His eyes are disks, His teeth are jacks. His arms sinewed with cables With gold along his back.   A spark of electricity
The crowd sees the face Recognizing the infamous brand Awe dominates as they stand As it sweats charisma on command   IS that the myth? No, that's the MAN   The crowd sees the body
there is something about the way he sings his lyrics are a mystery, old like a redwood's age rings.   everyone knows his name they worship the man, Hozier everyone knows of his fame.  
Here is a story Left often untold. Of a young lad and his lass,  Unusual to both new and old. The words are aflight And the plot is afoot -- There! Do you see him? Dirty, covered in soot,
I hold a wounded Christ, or so legend says, within this fragile sand dollar - five punctures - hands, feet, side   no blood or gore to disturb me but a gentle reminder of his sacrifice  
Arthur, oh Arthur, can't you wake somehow? Camelot has fallen, you're the only one left now Arthur, Arthur, your widow calls to you Hear her dying screams from beyond the great blue
Dear Death, I know a place where ashes fall like snow And fear is a shadow, It follows me around as a lover, Holding me closer until I can no longer breathe
There are bulldozers on the moon run by burly men. They dig through the translucent flesh pulling up marshmallows and leaving pools of caked blood. From down here they form a rabbit
The only legend I have ever loved is The story of greed and a grateful sparrow. A man was honest His wife was full of greed He found a sparrow hurt and scared,
Based on a Hindu legend.   As a young girl, you chased moksha— the sky lantern—through the slums barefoot,  ruffled swags of damp towels as you dove into the 
They peer through triangular windows 
Get close and get comfortable we are about to depart. - Anywhere is just fine, name a time and place. There are no boundaries. - Everywhere and at any given moment... -
As easy as counting one, two, three I tend to learn with a breeze A fast learner who’s quite free From the struggle of trying to see
Pride crumbles away, Replicating empires of old, Settling into the Earth for centuries of slumber, The dust reflects on how it came to be.   Childhood lies are spoon fed to children,
I want to tell you a story
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Of this perception I am curious;  what motivates the human attitude? Who is born more or less delirious, but yet a genius life they should allude. Their inspiration premeditated
Born a lunatic to disillusioned, semi-sweet folktale farmers,
As I stand here speaking, Somewhere there are floorboards that are creaking. Under the foot of an aged man, Who shall regale you in the very tales of old.   Within his study, by the fire, he does sit,
I want to be remembered. Not just another soul that lingered in this earth, no. I want to be embraced, to be as a model for others, to be mourned for, to be something of my own, to encourage, to be honored.
Peep, slip under the surface tension. Dip, sail under the current's one-way mirror. I found your skin buried under the old yew. I fell in love with your form, your ocean grace. Mermaid of fur. Dog of my heart's ship; my ship's heart.
Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
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