I want to tell you a story

About to two places

There’s two places that are

This is a place that never was or ever will be

In another realm of my imagination

Where my clichés comes to life

Aspiring stars walk the street

Looking for their BIG BREAK

The small and pieties try their best to imitate

Miss Monroe

Be greater than Miss Hepburn

They say they’re triple threats

Yet unaware of the trouble and strife

Most of all hard work

That it takes to get where they want to be

The Boulevard holds broken dreams

That never left the fluorescent street

When the lights dim at night

Crushed souls come alive

Giving omens to the next generation

To never give up

At sunrise the dreamers and believers

Rise with the motivation

Approaching the Boulevard under the

Guidance of the crushed souls searching for the

Keys to access the magic

To the door that will awaken a whole new world

Let’s take it to a new coast

Better yet, let’s take it to a neighborhood

Where colored royalty once walked

Even when no one else may have accepted them

Because they were tired of being on the

Outside looking in

When rejected we tell ourselves

“I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable”

Deep down knowing

Money truly buys happiness

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

The nonbelievers constantly

Shoving pessimistic thoughts

All in their faces

Trying to blind them with negativity

Because they knew they were almost there

Hatin’ on us because we are

A race that never gives up

No matter how many

Trials and tribulations

Lord knows we’ve had our fair share

But we’re closer than ever

Even though we feel like rocks caught in hard places

But we know because we’re guided by

Optimistic crushed souls

On the other side, our


But I am in a place that

Never was and never will be

The reality of this place is not like the

Cliché in my dreams

Stars on every corner, every street

You look upon

Clean, glistening sparkly streets

That soak up the western sun

Directors and producers pulling you off the

Walk of Fame

And you become sign sealed delivered

You’re theirs

Change your look,

Bam! Instantly famous!

Just like that

Eyes wide open in a cold sweat

Realizing reality

That this ideal dream of


Definitely is not the real thing

The only difference is…

My dreams will become reality


And never left to be an abandoned hope upon the Boulevard of Broken Dreams


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