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Oh my Love how it is you try & do love me how you get & desire to be so close Oh my Love how that desire will get you crushed
In the silent wilderness, wasn’t so silent My thoughts racing threw my mind, they all seemed so blind. As I claimed to be fine, my limits have now ultimately crossed the line.
Goodmorning honey, so they say distant at heart.. but close at screws so vivid you see, you without me things missed for things misused selfless laws governed me troubled, shrubbed up with worry
I should have known the minute they started treating me different Well, now I'm all grown and I'm getting thrown out of my ass Forced to be all on my own, stuck with nowhere to call home
My family and I have been through some rough times, but them kicking me out is the worst part They left me confused, feeling unwanted and with a broken heart I'm going to have to find new ways to let all of this pain out
You have this huge control over my body and emotions. I know that you find pleasure in hurting me. Again after again, after again. Why do I let you do these things to me...
Once upon a time, there was a girl seen with talent. She acted upon it and tried all she could. Though auditions and essays flowed easily through her,
Beautiful lies But once it turns Into truth It's ugly And painful I trusted you With my bare heart And even though I gave support And encouragement When I prayed 
though blind he could see though healed he still bleeds though it is over he still grieves though he is torn he proceeds  though young, he still leads  though memories fill his sleep
I've tried evading the situation but I have bled for too long and I can no longer be strong My heart has called for a confrontation. The betrayal is quite tiresome
"Broken bones Broken mind         How could I           Be so blind Broken hope Broken staff         I though you Once had my back  But it wasn't true As i onced belived 
Now that the darkness is gone You're coming back to me You kept me in prison But now you're setting me free
tired. that's the one word that constantly replays in my head. sadness. a terrible feeling, like you're sinking down, down, down into the depths of the sea of despair :( lonely.
Cold plastic is what I see It’s all you will ever be Whispers and actions Divides our “family” into factions Rumors and back-stabbing Anger from her blabbing “Second family” yeah right
A phone call is just too far away, I am falling from high up in the cloud. You gave me hope then feed my doubt.   She came around, And you took your dreams and got in your car;
Forever trusting no one, and maybe you were right. They came around to change that. The cause of every fight. Fighting in waves crashing on the shore. The ones we pace across endlessly. 
It seems like an eternity ago that our flames burned as one I cannot recall the memories I crave so badly that your heart etched in my memory Your scent no longer lingers around me trying to entice me
Rushing through the classroom doors, Stuggling with books, I enter. The teacher laughs at my pointless efforts, She says "Late is late, no matter why!", I reply with "Can we get a break, Or what?"
So long have I tarried in it, That thick stuff they say is laughter. But I hear the bitterness Behind it. How cruel it can be- Loud and harsh. And all this time I didn’t- Wouldn’t-
  "Have faith in me!"Why?"I said I’d never let you go"But you always did."i said I’d never let you fall"But you never meant it."If you didn’t have a chance then i never did"You’ll never find me right here again. 
BFFL’s For Life? I had to find new friends, Coming to a new place. The ones that would truly love me, And never leave me, This became my new race.
How are you? It's awful I don't know. Where have you been? Not in my life; that's for sure Why did you leave? I can't seem to find you. Why am I still here? You left me behind you.
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