The Bonded Ones

though blind he could see

though healed he still bleeds

though it is over he still grieves

though he is torn he proceeds 

though young, he still leads 

though memories fill his sleep

though in color he still dreams 

though it hurts; for others he breathes 

though in pain he still proceeds 

though he may seem

like just a teen 

he has the wisdom of Ancient creeds 

and a power like the raging sea

this is Echo and Echo is me 

though not in the way that most believe 

he is only on earth in a form to read 

and not even that yet as my thoughts retreat

because right now he belongs only to me

though I want him out there for others to see

I fear they will change him, so I move with unease 

but can you blame me? 

he is apart of my soul.  my head.  my heart 

and I am afraid they will rip him apart 

both him and his counterpart 

yes Eclipse too may turn to a beast 

or maybe the others Elava, Anthony?

i don't know who they'll change 

but who ever it is....

I'll know they couldn't accept a part of me 

without changing it all in it's entirety 

so in the future, when Echo is a thing 

please just leave it be 


This poem is about: 



sorry if you don't understand this but Echo is a character in a book that i am writing and i'm not sure if i want to share him with the world because i am scared they will change him

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