Power, Grace, Beauty: The Horse


"I stand before this great and wonderful creature. His powerful muscles quiver under his sleek and shining coat. He tosses his head, his mane flowing like waves in the ocean. Large brown eyes stare back at me, into my heart. This amazing, mystical creature towering before me is a horse. I step closer to the giant, kind hearted beast and slowly climb on his sturdy back. Our hearts begin to beat as one, we are a team, gliding smooth as the wind over the grassy field. The smell of horse sweat overtakes and calms me. Slowly his muscles begin to pound against his skin as he moves faster and faster. I hear each of his breaths, as he excitedly gains speed. We are coming up to a large fence. This awful fence, threatening to take away our few precious moments of freedom. I trust my horse, I let him decide his next steps. The fence looms closer and closer. We are not slowing. Seconds before this opstacle destroys us, suddenly my stomach begins to tingle, the air hits my face, everything is as smooth as silk. I open my eyes. We are in the air. These few seconds of ecstasy are as close as I will ever come to flying. We land, a new sense of wonder, awe, and respect for this strapping animal under me arises." The horse is the absoulute definition of athletisism. How such a large body suspended by four thin legs can move so freely is something no amount of science can explain. The horses' movements are as fluid as pure water. One does not fully understand the definition of teamwork until thier partner is a free spirit weighing many times more than the being riding on the back. Each horse is as amazing as the next. It is an absolute tragedy to become sensitized to this beauty. The mustang is a horse as close to the animal God created it to be. Horses now are very specfically bred, live in a barn all of their lives, and never get out of an arena to gallop and be free. Greed has overtaken men, which has caused extreme grief for all kinds of horses. Mustangs are now seen as pests. Ranchers are paid large amounts of money to keep these horses on thier land, while feeding them the smallest amount possible to keep them alive. These animals have been reduced from gorgeous, proud animals, to thin, starving, seemingly bags of bones. However, no amount of man power can break the pride inside each horse. We must come to appreciate this creature once more. We must protect these mustangs that are being harshly abused and resurrect the splendid animal of the wind, the horse. "I finish my ride and walk him back to the barn, breathing in the sweet aroma of horse breath and sweat. I take off the heavy saddle that his back built with such power hardly notices. I then brush him off, the whole time his watchful eye never leaving me. We walk together to the pasture, where he starts nudging me, for he knows what I carry in my pocket. I slip out an apple; he takes it all in one bite. He nickers a thank you, turns around and joins his herd. I watch their celebration as they proudly prance with arrogance around the pasture, a ballet of horses." This I know, is how every horse deserves to live. With freedom, passion, and joy, for a horse in motion is one of the most awe-inspiring actions to watch.


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