Everything Has A Purpose


Why is it that we assume that only humans are destined for greatness,

That only we are allowed to live freely and love freely

Why is it that we are given the choice to bare children and raise a family within privacy,

That we can dream and are given the chance to follow those dreams

Why is it that we morn for the loss of our own

Yet those who are different are destined for pain, neglect and are forgotten


Why is it that we are given the power to determine our future,

That we have no difficulty loving our families and friends

Why is it that we think greater of some animals compared to others,

That some deserve loving attention while blindly looking past the torture of those who “don’t”

Why is it that we consume some and somehow live guilt free,

That as long as we do not think of our meals as once very alive creatures, it is okay


But who are we to determine their futures, tear apart families, torture the innocent simply to get a meal

Who are we to look past the slaughter and abandonment that happens over thirty thousand times a day

Who are we to determine that we are superior to them and because we are superior, consume them

Why is it that some think it’s okay simply because the Bible says that they were here to be eaten

And why is it that such a civilized species can act so barbaric and cruel


Everything has a purpose, who are we to say it’s as a part of our meal. 



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