breakups/ending relationships/unhealthy relationships/moving on/lies/lying to ourselves

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Because I loved you, I gazed up at the stars, Wishing for that fairytale ending you promised. Because I loved you, I went to bed at night,
It's crazy to think… I'll love you ‘til the last breath in me And yet I hate that I love you so. I’ll ride or die ‘til the end of night,
The pulse meant you were alive,rocking back and forth, i cried last night,something about how difficult life was, saying we had the same conversation a million fucking times, 
I liked it when you told me I would be your princess on a pedestal I liked it when you told me life with you was never dull I liked it when you told me I was perfect I liked that I was the one you picked
Love    I often wondered, if what we had, was what it was. Wondered if the restraints you used to chain me in place and keep me at bay, were made okay,  because at the end of the day
Because I love you,  I see things through a new filter. Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter, and every touch feels like satin against my skin.   Because I love you, Love feels tangible.
When you forgot about me I could not die in depression Although you were not I had to be reborn You're going to get yourself another prey; his heart you will break
You went and left planted love in me There were born so many plants there grew many trees -why not avoid this pain And come with me? Hold my hand and confront them Although they look to us
I Love You means so little When You're Crazy hurts so much I Love You Means so little When your heart is too cold to touch I thought you wanted the best for me Tell me, was it true?
I am from a mundane town that ranks number one in this dignified country for drug overdoses and is not a stranger to mothers raising daughters solo   I am from a meager mind that desperately screams
The scent of your soap, Lingers like smoke, On my hoodie.  It tricks me, Into believing, You haven't really left.
You grab my hips and taunt me. Finger tips gliding, yes boy... boy, boy, oh boy. I know we, we got a connection, something electric... but that's all me. You? You take this as another "dub", something easy.
Now that your gone Playing many sad love songs The house has a different tune All these months and I had no clue Happiest moment when you said I love you Then the pregnancy test showed our love true
Beg me a question The answer I'll tell it But hold your tongue and mine will never hang loose The reasons we're making The monsters we've created With words made of gestures without hands or lips
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