Beautiful Black Stereotype

It's crazy to think…

I'll love you ‘til the last breath in me

And yet I hate that I love you so.

I’ll ride or die ‘til the end of night,

We’ll be one beautiful BLACK stereotype.


No one expressed the gory behind the love that sits,

No one told me the consequence behind the kiss,

Or about the pain behind the hugs

Where no love exists.

That there’d be tragedy

In the family

That YOU promised me.

That mommy would become daddy too,

Or that daddy would leave and blame it on mommy’s attitude.

Let. Me. Ask. You.

What’s the meaning behind the word love?

Cause for me,

It’s a superfluous word

That people say to sway the way I see the day.

They use that word

To blind me from all the hurt,

The continuous cries at night,

Exhaustingly trying to make it right.

To sway my ears to only hear the lies he told.

So NO!

I don’t believe in love.

See to believe in love,

Is to fall victim to him

And be twice trapped within his hold.


But before you judge,

Let me ask you

What’s the meaning behind the word love?


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