Inside vs. Outside

You grab my hips and taunt me.

Finger tips gliding, yes boy...

boy, boy, oh boy.

I know we, we got a connection,

something electric... but that's all me.

You? You take this as another "dub", something easy.

Another trophy...

You don't value me...

"Baby, where's the trust? You the only one I love!"

Lies after lies is what my insides are screaming but my outside...

My outside grabs his lips to thank him for his sweet words and gesture.

My outside thanks him all over again.

My outside push in,

a tug-of-war with my within and I... I'm scared.

You see, he loves me but he don't really love me.

He cares but he doesn't really care and I lay here,

scared and confused... in my underwear...

I'm waiting for the inside to kick, to let me know to let him know that I'm sick...

and tired of his game.

Inside feels restrained.

Lies after lies is what my insides are screaming and then...

My insides come pushing against my chest, 

rising up to my throat as I try to take a breath,

and I scream... with unmeasurable pleasure.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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