Words of Love



I often wondered, if what we had, was what it was.

Wondered if the restraints you used to chain me in place and keep me at bay,

were made okay, 

because at the end of the day

you whispered words of love. 


I hadn't cared, 

that people stared, 

at all the bruises that marked me yours. 



Didn't fret over any late night text, 

or unfamiliar perfumed scent, 

because with three words I was kept. 


With every honeyed claim you made, 

you kissed away every bit of pain, 

and reminded me of our love. 

But was that really what it was? 


Did three words really justify the lack of trust? 

Did it erase and replace my childhood dreams? 

The sweet kisses, 

the laughter, 

and the hugs that came with every cheesy movie scene? 


It had took me years to finally understand, 

to realize and re-amend, 

that "Because I love you" did not justify your misuse of me.


Now I am able to see, 

that the love I needed so desperately, 

did not start with you or end with me. 


It's a shared relationship filled with happy things, 

"I love you's" and "Please hold me's" 


It's about trust, space, and little things, 

goodbye kisses and matching rings. 


But most of all,

if I had to guess,

the reason way above the rest,

is the fact that no matter how hard life gets, 

I have him and he has me. 


So take the words you threw at me, 

say goodbye and watch me leave, 

because he's all I'll ever need. 


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