Your Secret Fear

When you forgot about me
I could not die in depression
Although you were not
I had to be reborn
You're going to get yourself another prey; his heart you will break
Your secrets, hidden fears that you don't want to reveal, for example that you don't know how to love
Adventurous and energetic

The good that I woke up on you
Although reckless but brave and daring
You lose your intention, losing my trust and affection

You were masking
You had something that made that sensitive part of me so affectionate and proclive
To forgive right away
I gave you love and I discovered your weakness
that someone saw you this way, that someone knew you love
It scared you to be too soft.
And you felt disarmed with my caresses, pampering
And my loving words

It was your secret fear
That there would be someone who loves you like I do
I hope they don't leave you like you do to me
so you don't feel what I felt
I hope that you are happy, Without repressing the past, I don't hate you, I thank the time, I will love you, and in a part of me;
I love you
I learned to live without you

My great sensitivity put me at a disadvantage,
in front of your sentimental weapons I could not say "no"
And that's why I'm trying to stay strong

You lost that place in the heart
And Mind of Who loved you so much and by Who would give it all
It scared you to be too soft.
And you felt disarmed with my caresses, pampering and loving words
This is not a severe judgment is the truth of it,
He has forgotten his secret fear
My love, live without me,
And I Without His Love.

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