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Love cannot be bought. I would not love you if you gave me riches beyond my imagination. I don't want emeralds, diamonds, or gold. I would give up everything I have for one, perfect Ruby.
College   I love the idea of higher education
  Staring in the Face of Regret by Averey Respall Sitting, Waiting, Procrastinating. Later, After, Then. This is it. It's now or never. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock A glimpse at the clock
When The world moves Eyes Bloom Hearts fusee Some want to be the wife And some the groom But it only matters on how you act in the living room And who makes it to the grave tomb But thats what is called the Big Boom When the world collapsed and l
Habits can be good or bad They can make your moods range from happy to sad
Money doesn't grow on trees. But is what your paying for really worth it?  College is a very important step to take but why is is costing so much? Money doesn't grow on trees.    College is important. 
Tuition’s rising. As it always does. She can’t afford it as it is. Yet no one notices, the desperation of a teen working three jobs, in school, with her head hung. Tired. Always tired. No time for friends,
  Birth a lottery, potential of life. First glance, our ruler, now starting this strife. Building foundation, brightest epoch, earth schemes, First lessons roaring, rise above our drowned screams. Obey.
College What a wonderful place College Ain't no easy phase You have to pay for days on days There's a problem you see That's not just for me How do we pay it? I'm not the first to say it
Please come in And do close the door I am here to tell you About your marvelous future
Going to college has never been a matter of whether or not I'm going. It's a matter of where and why. But now I'm going to end up owing, More than my family has got kept, All the money spent just getting by.
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