There's a Problem



What a wonderful place


Ain't no easy phase

You have to pay for days on days

There's a problem you see

That's not just for me

How do we pay it?

I'm not the first to say it

These payements aren't all Hakuna Matata

From the state

I'll prolly get nada

Maybe I'll get a loan

But to pay it off I'd have to work until I go to my final Home

In this world where costs have flown

So high

Beyond the common you and I

It makes me wonder how they derive

These prices that even Bill Gates couldn’t bribe

Okay, maybe he could

And he probably would

I mean

 he is generally good

But that still doesn’t get me out of the thick wood

The wood of bills

Higher than the Catskills

The wood of bills

Thicker than the walls of the Bastille

The wood of bills

Almost entirely ignored by Capitol Hill

But should I really have to do this

I kinda wanna say screw this

Should it be necessary

To work this hard for my cheese

No dairy

I’m not acting elementary

It’s just seems more than impossible

More than Tom Cruise

But it’s not optional

There’s no excuse

Cause my parents can’t do it

We’ve already gone through it

It’s up to me to pay

So what more can I say

I beg I plead

So that it will be a good life I lead

I want to be a doctor

And for it, I’ll go boxer

Muhammad Ali

Never put myself in a folly

So if you let me win, golly


Forever, I would be in debt to thee


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