I love the idea of higher education

I love the idea of studying what I want

I love the idea of clubs and opportunities I hadn't had before




I don't love the cost of tuition

I don't love how I have to give up an arm and a leg to pay

I don't love how I'm struggling to pay

I don't love how poor citizens will have to suffer in debt


Unlike the USA


College costs nothing in Germany and Sweden

The German and Sweden government want to make college accessable,

to any citizen, rich or poor


When did the government care more about money than its citizens?


Why did it turn out this way?

Why do people like me have to wallow in debt for the rest of their lives?

Why do the people who make an effort and achieve great academic success have to pay more than some of the athletes that cheat their way through school?

Why does going to college feel like I'm being trapped in an inescapable box?


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