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I watch them throw her overboard,  Even thought she cut her hair She though away her femine quatiles to pertend to be one of them But they still tease with there swords. 
Based on "Mermaid" by Sergey Kolesov   Delicate, floating through sea currents and sea trenches Elegant, dancing through coral reefs and shipwrecks Pure as the sun beams that shine through the surface
Pressure on her body dark and blue Fins flap, scaly tail All she wanted to do was breathe air From the surface Where the sun shone bright.  
She looks so beautiful He said as he was mesmerized He thought they were only a myth It was like she was in disguised   He wanted her
I've never been upon the land, I've only been within the sea. I can't help but to imagine, What the landlings think of me. They have feet and legs, I have fins and a tail, They live with cats and dogs,
Ships passed in the craggy shore She waved and beckoned them close But none would come to her moor Pearled tears were her only lure And the sailors passed her in droves  
Once upon a time there lived a kind, charming merman named Ariello whose mother was Queen Tritina, ruler of the sea Ariello was fascinated with humans and longed to live on land
With fiery red hair she slices through the water Her dance is her heart's song The words know only of her   Her home, family, friends Her beginning and possible ends  
Petite fish in the sea, little mermaid so lonely, wallows in watery ennui.   Enough's enough and life is tough. little mermaid suck it up. devil says, here's my choice.
Take me to Atlantis, the wide array of sea life. I want to be where the merpeople are, and sing their songs of seas. Take me to Atlantis where I may meet my Princess, and she will meet hers.
Swimming in the depths Of the deep ocean blue Mermaids have fun Terrorizing the crew. The rich, the handsome, The royal ones, too Cannot escape their clutches No matter what they do.
Today, today I swim in the bay, the bay of life; Teeming with opportunity and challenge they say, the bay the bay. Enter the water and glide don't stray, the bay, the bay will lift you today.
Quietly you swim about. Afaid to say anyting, let alone shout. There she was, so beautiful and mysterious You tried swimming close but stopped in an instant. Her hair was as golden as the sun,
The song of syreni
Look to th
I am a lady, Whose feet are
Scholarship Ship. The sails full of promise. Wind, Only moving forward with Powers of change.
your heart is the altar at which i worship. your kiss is holy wine.  the ocean is our church and the waves are our prayers.   
She jumps out, curls wet, undamaged from the pH the water exhibited, Skin the never prunes, flawless, a body so modelesque her natural beauty true, and no one would believe me.
I once lived in a beautiful sea Not the letter But the horizon that got better and better As you explored. There was no way to tell day from night Unless you looked up
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