The Happy Mermaid

Pressure on her body dark and blue

Fins flap, scaly tail

All she wanted to do was breathe air

From the surface

Where the sun shone bright.


She fell in love with a man from land

Beautiful faces and big manly hands

But he never asked her questions when they went on dates

She could not talk, but why not ask?

She could draw a picture and write out words

But he didn’t care.

He just wanted to do his hair

And fix his clothes.

He was so vain.

Soon he became a giant pain.


He could not marry her

Because he wanted to marry the girl who saved him

From a shipwreck

He was too stupid to see

That it was she.



She broke up with him and

Got back her tail.

Why live on land when the ocean has more depth

Than the people who live on the surface?


She lived 250 more years

On her 300 birthday she died

Dissolving into sea foam like the rest of her sisters

Laid to rest in the ocean and always her own merwoman.


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