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Words, stones, bricks I can't tell the difference Every one hits me with a sharp impact No one sees me crumple under the weight Yet the pain builds up They can't see Words, bullets, blades
She tries to be perfect within society standards, Everything she does is so precise. She doesn’t speak her mind,
All they do is cause problems, Cause harm, Cause drama, I hate them, They're an ugly gem, Filled with Flem, They are all hate, Spreading like a ramped disease, So contagious,
vested in veins spreading like spider webs of blues of black they say rumors spread like wildfire  which is only true  because they engulf  homes and hearts 
The rose petals fall so swiftly, as though they were made of the wind. They tilt and they tumble,  as though filled with sin. The dark color of it's velvet, hides your secrets. They fall to the ground,
How dare you do this!Must think I am blind and deaf,I thought more of you.
Several things you do not know about me. People make the assumption that because I have brown hair and dark eyes, that I am basic.Indeed, I am.I collect keys and snow globes, but I hide them when my friends come around.I wear my heart on my sleeve
Go ahead and talk you shit see if I will care all dem bitches spreadin shit that isn't even real bitch, whore, fake as fuck! you say I'm the slut?? "I sleep around" and "I'm fucking guys"
If the rumors are true then you are a selfish freak.   If I listened to rumors I would never have agreed to be your friend.   If the rumors are true
My words are deafened by the sound of an unspoken tongue;A language more ancient than mankind itself.She uttered phrases that Shepard's used to heed their sheep
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
Shoulders displaced set upon odd angles  Walkers stumble and trip Hands twist and pop Knees out of joint   The strangest carnival One of horrors
Half truths breed Multiply faster than any truths   Rot the soul Eat the flesh   Half truths They sit upon the gossipers tongue  
I look upon the moving crowd Slowly sighing, looking down Hurting, fallen, angry, shy Now I cannot just seem to fly   I hear the Rumors in the halls Now I get unwanted calls
Get out of my face, I don't want lies laying on me. It's your story, tell it how you wanna.   But don't think I'll care, no one does. Why? Because of what you do.  
Life so calm like the wind in the night sky
These walls have secrets
This hair is not going to do, these bodies all irregular to mine.
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
I wish that they could know me for who I really am but all they hear is rumors and here I go again...Down life's road alone, without you by my side I don't tell you that I love you or that you make me feel alive, instead I just leave it all insid
I am sensitive, More delicate than a Bleeding Heart. Ice cold criticism is my demise. I resort to witty remarks before lashing out as my last defense.
In a swarm of scattered souls Lie traveling whispers in our ears And yet the decent one stands alone over there   And even from afar the whispers were clear Whispers shouldn’t be that loud
The way we see ourselves is a very powerful thing. It not only builds or breaks the fortress around us it allows others to step into our realms and puncture our castles. It displays vulnerability and hides destruction.
It’s not homework, information, and books,
It’s not homework, information, and books,
Hey teacher, teacher I bet you never saw this coming I bet if I told you you'd think I was lying Cleverly disguised Behind beauty and brains But see with more than your eyes Angel by day
blistered skin, that whispers flayed. my life, a cage, to which I'm chained. Haunting voices, following close, the creeping utterances, my subtle foe. feet trimmed by velvet,
Freezing Hanging in plain sight The corners are quiet   When is the bus going to come? Standing, I am not alone
Her idea of love has morphed.  Contorted and transformed into something that cannot be explained. Could it be because of the man who called her a 'worthless slut' and dished out unneccesary punsihment? Or was it you?
Hushed voices. Everyone turns. My name still in the air. Spread rumor. Everyone believes.  Ignore them. Walk to my seat. Throw myself down. Head on desk. Let it all out. 
I grew up amongst the golden turfs and extensive rows of olive, Where songs of contentment and love were played, Where mothers and fathers cared for their young,
The effects of a past riddled with bullets; empty shells, empty lies, hit the pavement, resounding with the weight of all lies past. You can't tell me, with all of these wounds, parts of us didn't die.
They make fun of me. Things I do and say. Is this their way Of killing those who are unworthy? Who doesn't deserve to be happy? Those of us who stray From “normal”, live with an array
They talk, they hide in fear of me. They fear that I will find their whisper, Seek their faults, shout no surrender, Until their gossip, dead and lonely, be And until then, I wait and see
I live in a place where talk is cheap. Three cents a rumor and scandal comes free. Daily dish for a penny, spilled beans are on sale. Discount subscriptions for The Juicy Detail. Tragedies, pregnancies at huge blow out prices!
Kristin Knox Forest Man
Kristin Knox Forest Man
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