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Can I stare at you? It's just a question, See, Me and my friends, Think you're precious, Can you... Smile?? I just wanted to know.. The way you react, is offputting, and slow...
For Stacy-Ann .
Dear one, what did you say? A dining hall, a distant day, It seems it was time For goodbye, Speaking of my eyes, ‘They shine so bright’, Words said (or words of this kind),  
Dear Nephew, You are small but mighty, magnificent and daring, bold with grace, and fearless till the end. Spunk is the definition of your soul, and wonder your ambition in life. The path before you,
My sister is a diamond, illuminating into surrounded darkness. Tears are falling like the rain from the sky, she does handle a lot. Facing pain? She is made of steel. She does not utter “NO”,
You ask me who am I I’m the expression of beauty seen only by few, the splattered paint people call art
So precious as gold, no one is too bold, to take chances and risk it all,
William is a little boy, l
He got depressed The pain had got the best Of him and his mind No one knew of his distress Because he was the best At hiding things He chose the blade and then gently caressed
LIFE   It's a journey, that's what life is, Many paths to choose from, The choice is yours, pick wisely and reap rewards, Or play the ignorant fool, 
Preciously you lay Underneath the willow tree Upon gentle ground
Fireflies dance beneath the moonlight, Their little bulbs flashing bright. The crickets sing their favourite song, Encouraging me to sing along. The smell of flowers tints the air,
I can’t read you All I know is what I feel Ask me to explain it And the words just disappear
Life is so precious Don’t ever loose sight of that Of the small things Those that are worth cherishing Turn up the corners of your smile
What you have is precious what you say is precious. How you walk is precious how you live is precious.
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