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I can’t read you
All I know is what I feel
Ask me to explain it
And the words just disappear

I can hear you like a melody
One I’m not even sure is real
Darling, you’re a song
And, to me, you’re lyricless

I let your ambient nature
Flow over my senses
And drown my young heart
I’m a yard without fences

So you floated your way
Into my life. So relentless
Precious, you are my heart
And without you, I’m lifeless

I have no clue how this came to be
It’s nothing short of a miracle
Love’s not always lyrical
But it’s real. Oh so real.

Real or imagination?
I let my mind roam
Never knowing what’s real
And for what to atone

But if I believe anything
In this house of mirrors called home
I believe you’re real
And that I’m not alone


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