What is Love?



What is love?

Is it a person, place or thing?

Is it something you can just give away?

What is love nowadays?

Is it just a replacement for loneliness?

Is it just to have someone by your side?


Love is to be with person you like,

Someone who shows you their bad habits and you don't mind,

Acceptance for all and everything they have

They love you no matter who you are

You are there other half.

But love is not just given,

There is trust and patience and kindness,

If you have none of those,

Then you're loving in blindness.

There is no relationship without love or truth,

Because these are the basics of the love tree root.

When it comes to love,

Don't choose wrong,

Don't hurt yourself

Or else you have one 





You can't choose who you love,

Your heart does,

And I know, trust me, my friends

Because my love never ends

For the one who who rejects me without even knowing.

I still love him,

But I love him now differently,

I love him caringly,

I love him like family.

Point is:

Love should not be given away blindingly,

The heart is a fragile present

Give it to those who deserve it

Give it to those who mean it

Who will love it

And who will clean it.

Be patient and love will come to you,

I guarantee it because it is true.

But I don't mean sit around forever,

Go out there and enjoy the weather.

Love may not come to you today or tomorrow,

But wait for him/her,

He'll/She'll be right next to you before you even drown in sorrow.

So don't give up just yet,

The long wait is worth it,

There will be no regrets.

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