Black Diamonds

He got depressed

The pain had got the best

Of him and his mind

No one knew of his distress

Because he was the best

At hiding things

He chose the blade and then gently caressed

The veins in his arms

Before him was the final test

One stroke of the blade would put his pain to final rest

But he didn't...


Throughout my life I've been looking for answers

I'm interested in finer things, not the jewels and glamour

Weakness ain't in my favor

It is a seed, but my mind is infertile

They told me to seize the day

I said "I can't I am nocturnal"

Caesar said I came, I saw, I conquered

Well, I tripped, I wept, I stood, I blossomed

I recommend they invest

In the people with minds grotesque

Cause American College Tests

Just ain't cutting it anymore for the gifted

We fell, we need to be lifted

My art form will not be shifted

To a life where living is scripted

I'm a man with the heart of a lion

In my ignorance, my mind wizened

To dove on the brinks of horizons

I'll gleam in the light like black diamonds


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