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Who am I? I honestly have no clue No image of who I am Nor who I want to be  And it terrifies me. Everyone knows who they are Who they want to be And I just sit here, An empty void,
At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
Who am I? Wouldn't you like to know? I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I would too. Why am I the way I am? Why do I care so much about future plans? I often stare at those like me,
I look in the mirror I see a reflection of a complection  that I am unable to read I see a teenage girl she is hispanic she has bags under her eyes maybe she does not get enough sleep 
I am Unknown I am Depression I am Anxiety I am Suicide I am Human I am Me But who is me? Who is this person? Who am I?   I am a teenager that has been suffered in anguish
Who am I? How do I describe? Will I tell you the truth? Or what I wish was the truth? I'll tell you what i do know I am changing I am becoming
Who am I? I'm the girl in a cheering crowd frowning I'm the girl who loves but never was I'm the girl who was hit constantly by someone so close Who am I? I'm the girl you left behind
Everyday I keep wandering, and wandering and wandering, but, still, wandering if I can one day come out, And finally reveal who I really am. Instead of the constent hiding, I want to be hear,
Who am I?
Who am I?Peel back the layers,Scream it to the masses; That I am unclean and undecided. Who am I?Scrub away the sludge atop my skin,
You and I are staring out of this window pane.. & I don't know who you are.. I don't know when you came.. or how long you will stay.. so I glance at you from time to time..
I'm realizing how much I've changed Over these last few years From what I wear, to how I style my hair To the guys I take interest in. It seems like looks are becoming a priority
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