Who Am I?

Sun, 04/07/2013 - 21:55 -- kje2013

I'm realizing how much I've changed
Over these last few years
From what I wear, to how I style my hair
To the guys I take interest in.
It seems like looks are becoming a priority
While all it does is cover who I am.
I'm starting to connect with the world
More than I connect with my heavenly Father.
Trying to balance the double life of being a teenage Christian,
Who goes to school where Christianity is like a minority,
Not many really care for it.
Being all religious at church
Then in the outside world turn around
And become someone completely new.
The person covered by a media controlled shell.
I'm not talking possession, but mind re-arrangement.
Lately I've been questioning what's real,
I know God is, but why do so many think otherwise.
What blinds their eyes that doesn't blind mine.
Maybe one day they'll realize.
Well till then I still have this lingering question,
Who am I?
Why am I not the person i want to be.
Why am I becoming like everyone else.
Why do things go the opposite of the way I intended.
When is life gonna be on my side
What is it going to take for things to go right
Do I have to change who I am?
But if I do will I ever discover whats really inside
Who am I?



Wow This poem just touched my Heart... and you took the words right from my mouth. Being a christian is not a(n) easy thing at all.. it's hard to be yourself because of your surroundings.

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