Who Am I?

I look in the mirror

I see a reflection

of a complection 

that I am unable to read

I see a teenage girl

she is hispanic

she has bags under her eyes

maybe she does not get enough sleep 

her eyes are dark brown

they seem cold and mean

but inside those eyes are

hiding something that can not be explained

I see a reflection 

of a complection

which everyone calls "Sammie"

they characterize describe her as

someone who is hard working



one of a kind



but disciplined

she lives a hard life 

I look in the mirror once more

I see a reflection 

of a complection 

she looks overwhelmed

family has high expectations

but the girl looks like

she is in control

has no fear

and seeks happiness

Who Am I?

Everyday I look in the mirror

I see a reflection

of a complection

and that reflection 

is me

I am that teenage girl

who everyone calls "Sammie"

I am ambitious 

I am unique

I am one of a kind

I am all of these things but so much more

I am Sammie and proud of it


This poem is about: 



I believe these few things describe me.

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