Window Pane.


United States
41° 44' 46.5792" N, 71° 34' 41.988" W
United States
41° 44' 46.5792" N, 71° 34' 41.988" W

You and I are staring out of this window pane..

& I don't know who you are..

I don't know when you came..

or how long you will stay..

so I glance at you from time to time..

trying not to memorize or be mezmerized by your dazzling smile..

& when you look at me..

the daggers hit me consecutively..




for a moment I thought you were killing me..

because while we looked out of this window pane..

I felt this other pain..

it came over me

& I thought it would transform into love..

I thought that if I kept looking out with you..

It would feel better, warmer.. like love..

but the window pane.. 

the glass shattered and all I saw was blood..

I saw it all over my body, all over your smile..

& I thought to myself.. 

why are you still smiling?

I kept staring out of that window pane

sheltering the inevitable pain

because I thought that's what love would do..

But a storm came in, 

and the rules went out

I no longer sat there waiting for a clear sign..

I closed my window

& out you went too

I went to my mirror

& there was you..

& it was me..

You and I were one..

I couldn't escape that love..

it was you and I until the end of time..

until I realized..

You were me.

and I am you.

I was hurting myself..

My love for me was never true.

my window pain.. pane.. pain..



My personal favorite!

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