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In my eighth grade head, I dreamt of the next year, All the new friends I would make, And the old ones I’d hold dear.   I started school with thrill,
I recite my favorite poem while lying unconscious Feeling the warmth flowing down my arm Regaining conscious I see the bright light I struggle to understand where I am
My mama told me that friends come in all shapes and sizes. The people closest to you are variations of you; People who have qualities that you want to see in yourself.
Entry for January 11, 2018 Dear diary,       The dust bowl mind swirls Through the head of the freshman As next term awaits.         Sincerely, 
  I’m stuck here alone and broke, just my luck, What can I say? Growing up sucks, I’m getting fat because all I do is snack, Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,
Last year, everyone said that high school would be hard, they said that the workload would increase,  and its difficulty would catch me off gaurd I walked in to school on the first day, with a sense of nervousness,
Two-thousand and sixteen Crowned one of the worst years in many peoples’  eyes For many it was a year of distress, chaos, uncertainty For me it was a year of self-discovery, growth, and learning   January
I tend to ignore my professors and my responsiblities and my needs I don't shower as often as I should I have no desire to leave my room
I'm 15 years old now.Ms. Luna calls my name." Pay attention Ms. Campos, your timed assignments not a game."" Well i'm trying hard to focus.
I just got out of middle school Finally free from there But now have woken up and realized High school is about here So now I get to deal with Adult like drama Instead of Jake is dating Ella
Seventh grade, my friends left me All I had to console me was family A new Taylor Swift C.D. The melody   School was tough with no seat No one to meet When it was time to eat,
Starting college has been pretty fucking hard if I'm going to be honest with you.   Going from straight A's to struggling for C's when I've never had to study before this takes a lot out of me.
College? What does it mean?  A lot of experiences? A simple routine?   The first year living on campus is always quite something. You make friends, relationships,  And even some enemies. 
Sirens, flashing lights
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
 “Knock, And He'll make you open the door
The only freshman On this grown-up debate team. Why am I so young?
almost fell face-forward had they not held us back, crying because it hurt and made our bodies ache,
  Do you remember how we laughed all the silly things I'd say how I smiled across the room
Long hours at the lab Titrations and creations In my very own world
We slice our  lives down to 500 words, --Words which can't begin to describe us, Hoping for acceptance to write more words, --Words which will never be fully appreciated.   We freely offer our 500 words,
Part 1 You are empty promises Served on broken china and half-empty crystals Of red red wine, And your service slices through my delicated hands easily, Creating wounds too wide to close.
How do you expect us to conform to buying your books? How do you expect us to rest well? How do you expect us to eat properly? How do you expect us to arrive on time? How do you expect us to become great people?
Roses are dumb Violets are fake Chemistry doth no f*cking sense make
Misty ground and rainy skies, forever young inside my eyes. Ghosts ever present, Undead hands on hill like terrain Like sleep so long ago forgotten. What can be said to green forever burning away?
  Letting out my feelings and not being judged is vital, To express myself, I am entitled. Dancing helps me show my devotion, Running distracts me from the commotion,
The car is packed and you can't wait Off to college, brand new state. The drive was long but worth the ride, The world awaits when you arrive.
(A poem based on telling my past self four years ago)-Does contain suggestive language Dear freshman me: Hey!- you yes you there blond- hair tip moron -sighs-
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