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I‘m holding the keys, I'm driving this car. Played games, pushed me way too far. I’m setting higher standards, and raising the bar. New beginning for me, mind my business from afar.
November 18th 2018 was the day I finally decided I'd give my heart away I seen a future with you from the very start Like a thief in the night you completely stole my heart Things got serious so I had too run away
Humans have tanks too Just like the cars Sometimes it’s full Making me think I can reach the stars   But sometimes the light turns on Meaning I’m running low I just want to give up
As I sit in the chair waiting for my match  A butterfly flies around my stomach Fear comes I keep thinking what if I lose, what if I don't play well, what if I trained poorly?
Strength takes persistence We face this situation every day But as long as you cross the finish line Anxiety fades away.
We scored a goal. We lost the game. We still celebrated in the rain. The coach, he yelled. The subs went in. The fact that we lose and we still grin. I pass the ball. I stop the goal.
WRITING IS LIKE WINNING   Once the pencil hits the page it is game time It is time to think and get competitive It takes hard work to get the best writing
I am greatness and power I wonder about how to achieve greatness I hear a roaring crowd I see people chanting my name in Radio City Music Hall I want greatness
"As I arose from such an immersed slumber.   (I was knocked the fuck out)   My eyes were grappled with an abundance of ravishing sunlight    (the sun was shining bright as hell in my window)  
Strive to fight, Then conquer and destroy. To all who know us, This is our creed. When we fall, We get back up. We hit a wall, We leave behind dust. Standing tall with might,
   I use to have stuffLots of stuff Stuff that I woreproudlyStuff that I carried around in my pocket stuffStuff that I woundplace in placesamong other stuffto be seenby others who probably had theirown stuff I really lovedmy stuff Now I can not ev
  Wrinkled edges and dog-eared pages, Smudges from the swift stroke of a careless hand ― Crispy remnants of a poem spaghetti-stained
In the abyss a crevice of black I curl my neck ready to attack With inked rapiers in my claws I slash and stab hoping for renewal   Half awake my sore back sprouts
her words struck me like lightning. passion and strength erupted from her booming voice. it was beautiful and terrifying all at once.  
That's what I need to do Even when the sky ain't blue Ill be out here trying to win Even if sometimes I have to sin Maybe my mother wont like it One day I'll have to write it One day I will be a winner
When type 1 diabetes don't stop you When asthma, anxiety, and anorexia don't stop you
The man called "duo improv on stage and duet act in the wings" And I thought my heart had grew wings,  Just to fly straight up out of my chest And to flutter around the velvet curtains and glimmering table.
I surrender. I am a winner. I have won Your love. I have won Your approval. I surrender myself to You. I am a writer because You made me a writer, I write for You.
My Definition Us human beings; residents of our minds & slaves of our soul We choose to see what is only wrong in every journey; what cannot be fixed
Birth of new born killers high end thrillers sparse chances, taken with unease  beans and peas, mark disease and players can't see me 'cause I was never on a team in the first dream, I ever had
I am not perfect but flawless, yes. I can quilt a blanket and endure much stress. I am a woman with muscle on her bones. I am the queen of many thrones. I smile and yet I hide my pain.
My failures do not define me My weaknesses do not define me Only I define me  My triumps do not define me My strengths do not define me Only I define me My vurnabilities do not define me
What makes me flawless? The fact that I am everything EXCEPT flawless; but have the confidence as if I am... What makes me flawless is the LOVE I have for my flaws. My flaws make me who I am... They define me  
The few achieve enormously, while the decrepit fools realize their assistance.   
There ain’t nothing stronger than a broken back, Except crooked teeth in a cracked smile. The hardest fights are the ones simply lost, Violently fought, Which bring death for a while.  
(Second person) She laughs at us, you know? Telling us "I apologize." She's just setting us up for another pile of lies. Each time we want to desperately believe her. 
Fuck this shit I'm winningExcuse me Pardon my beginning So ecstatic About the erratic Accomplishments god has given And the time and will I have put in while living 
I've never written a rap before
Tick tock, tick tock 1, 2, 3, 4 Starts the race. 7 hard steps. 5 fast seconds. - Tick tock, tick tock 75, 76, 77, 78 Starts the second lap. Draft behind first. Don't drop the pace.
I'm only there for your sorrowThings different when you happy and I have to swallow .... My emotionsThe devotion I give to youHow can I tell if you're trueDamn I know you got a booBut.....What about me?
The crowd is cheering Up in the stands. But they don't know the feeling Of the wheel in my hands. The tires are spinning, The people are wincing, At the terror and thrill of the crash
Curled up Trapped within A living shell   I slam against it Scratch at it Work harder than I ever have   But even when It is open I still am not free  
As I walk down the halls of my humble abode, Everyones smiles look depleatd and scorn. A Princess who is this years 2014 prom queen, A criminal who is bastardly and obscene.
Alas! What a troublesome sight this night is, Your silhouette on the wall I idolize, As you dance to and fro, mocking me so,
Who are you to tell me what potential is? The groomed, upstart young children Getting ever luckier While the rest Wait For their chance to shine and blow it When they realize they’re so behind
My mind is depraved. A sarcastic fringehead, erasing my thoughts faster than they can swim. Breathing in water, my lungs fill with salted froth. I bite my tongue and an acrid brine pervades the void.
  Win, win, win, all the time, Never mediocre, that won’t do. Be the best, if you’re not, then try harder. Perfection is a choke hold,
She gallops toward me. I watch transfixed as her flaxen mane is grabbed By the invisible fingers of the wind. She whinnies with sheer delight at seeing me.
The taste in your mouth that lingers and trudges, has no adulation for you any longer. The taste that's withers your tongue and scolds your cheeks shares the same name as I. Your erotic lips and animalistic eyes
As I'm in the round pen preparing to ride She dances left to right, so I can not get on As if her steps aside gave her the chance to hide I finally got on, and we headed towards the lawn We started moving unrestricted
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you One Adrian Malobolgia He’s the son of the devil He lives here, in queens, on the roof of 14172 85th road
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