And That is What Happened

The man called "duo improv on stage and duet act in the wings"

And I thought my heart had grew wings, 

Just to fly straight up out of my chest

And to flutter around the velvet curtains and glimmering table.


So I got up

And I had trouble manuvering out of the rows of legs legs bag legs trophy legs legs bag

I kept wobbling on my heels

I had to catch up to my heart.


Down the stairs I went, thinking to myself don't fall head up don't fall don't fall

And it was a miracle, because I didn't

And the boy near the stairs reached for my hand, and I shook it, and he grabbed it

And we, a chain of beings, held hands


The man called "duet acting on stage, and duo interp in the wings"

And I let go of that boy's hand, and I held my skirt up and that hand got so sweaty

And I breached the stage and walked across it

And all eyes were on me

And the lights were so bright

And I couldn't see so my eyes floated all over

And the man called my name

So I stepped forward and accepted the whispered "congratulations" 


And I didn't fall on the way down either




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