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Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to read something strange? The tale that began with a rabbit hole Went so wrong and spun out of control. It caused commotion and so much rage.  
Once Upon a time Words of a crime Once upon a time
Life blooms all around you Under your bare feet Above your head   Birds churp  Insects hum The wind whistles Such beautiful music   You walk along  Guided by dandelions 
Down the rabbit hole you say? No, no, no darling you are mistaken. Down a corridor and through a doorway, That is where you were taken.  
“You see I haven’t a clue. For a rabbit, that’s nothing new. It’s plainly clear In here, my dear, We’re crazy, but how do you do?  
Madness? The fog hung low, but their spirits were twirling above, absorbed in a type of relation that could only be described as complete.
Let’s get one thing straight, I am not Alice. My Wonderland and her’s are different things; Her’s had talking animals and malice, Mine has a dissimilar kind of beings.  
Awakening within a dream once more For the spectator, me, am now lucid The air more harsh, breathing a chore,  
lungs combustible when filled...
I write in hopes of being understood Because explaining how I feel has not been my best subject. At night, I imagine scenarios that will never come true. Hoping, always hoping, I’d fall asleep soon.
Alice has done something horrible.  
alice invited me to wonderland
Never follow one down a hole,
Alice, from yonder land across the sea, give back what you stole from me. The thing you took from me all those years ago, was my love, much like a delicate, blue rose. My love for you made me high
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