My Wonderland

Awakening within a dream once more

For the spectator, me, am now lucid

The air more harsh, breathing a chore,

lungs combustible when filled...


The collapse of air spewed,

Is like warmth from a fresh campfire.

In this dream I awaken in, it is you,

Who greets, "hello there dear sire,"


"No grazing in the pasture of sorrow,

No praise in pain... your usual crave,

No Sir, a new spur of delights sown...

The nights of drama you'll be spared...


Of rumbling doubts, of a pricking lie,

Spared the riddles and just be amused

No more of a fumbling heart, Sir I do try

My best, and as brittle as I be, no ruse...


No deceit, I say what's this it to you?"

No sooner did I raise a brow then aid

The flask of poised suspicion, for due

To an epiphany I knew I have stayed...


In this dream, my new found dominion

Of which I am king of my own heart.

I calmly said, "I wish it to be set in stone,

That here today, I say, my new start...


Be of riches in joy, of instances of bliss

For who I need to live in this dream...

An Alice... a wonderland such as this...

Needs a queen, a real lady to be seen."


"Dear Sir, that be me, I am she, Alice,

If that be your leaning desire then...

Let it be" coy to lure, surprise...

In her eyes, a gentle tap on the chin,


A murmured echo of a deep breath,

Then a faint image through closed eyes,

One another's lips in the seconds left…

Before this wonderlands next sunrise.


The day has begun, more of a spry

Young natured sort, more then splendid

In that 'humor' is to blame when I cry,

The Alice and Hatter are now befriended.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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