Let's Have Fun, Alice

Once Upon a time
Words of a crime
Once upon a time

Oh dear me
Allow me to interfere
This once upon a time.
I am Mad Hatter.
How do you do?
You do well.
That will do
Here in our home
Some call Wonderland.

Oh, there’s Chess
And his good grin.
What a sin!
Oh, look behind
Walking in a not so straight of a line
What a child
That will define out wild history.
Maybe even change the course of life.
Heh, I’m getting lost at the source.

I’m Alice.”
Alice in Wonderland!
What a name of thunder!
Let’s play croquet
And delay the Queens heart.
Or confuse Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
As they sing some song.

Let’s go, Alice, let’s have fun
All we do is drink tons of tea.
Come on, let’s have a little fun
Before the sun goes away.

We could chase down a rabbit or two
Tick tock, tick tock sounds the clock
As he races away.
Let’s visit the White Queen
The light to the Queen of Hearts.
She’ll be pleased to see
This sweet child with me.
No jabberwokey here
No sirey!

Come on, Alice, there’s so much to do
All we see is too much tea.
Come on, little one, let’s have some fun
Before the sun goes away.

Do not fret
You’ll be home yet
But you do not hear
As you veer away.
Tea time is over
Words of a crime have no meaning.
I’m leaning away.
No good-bye, Alice
No good-bye

Look, Alice, there’s so much to do
All I do is drink too much tea.
Good-bye, Alice, our little fun is over
After the sun has gone away.

All these are some thoughts
That come from a mad hatter.
Only dreams form a mad hatter
Maybe even an illusion or two.
Seems Alice may never hear them.
But you have, crude sir.
Ma’am, don’t be rude.
Indulge an old hatter
Before once upon a time
Becomes once upon a crime.
I am Mad Hatter
Only a small tatter in a grand plan
And I can and will bid you adieu.


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