Alice, Out With A Bang

Alice, from yonder land across the sea,

give back what you stole from me.

The thing you took from me all those years ago,

was my love, much like a delicate, blue rose.

My love for you made me high

you were an angel from the sky.

Although I loved you so,

you left me that night when you decided to go.

That one, reckless moment, that one, thoughtless shot,the blood flowing out a deep shade of red.

and just like that... my winged angel lay there, cold and dead.

It's kinda funny how in the blink of an eye,

someone you love can just up and die.

Her father, full of hatred and malice, curled his fist and hit poor, little Alice.

she's been abused all her life,

her life being one filled with pain, sadness and strife.

She decided to go out with a bang, when she decided to go.

But I guess she didn't know...

 That she had someone who loved her,

someone who could pull her through,

someone like me... oh, how I wish she knew.

I would have held her, kept her safe,

would have kept her monsters away.

oh, but Alice, my life, my light,

decided to bite the bullet that beautiful, starry night.

Alice had told me, she couldn't stay happy.

 Not when her father  treated her so badly.

I smiled sadly when she said she saw no one who loved her,

and i so badly wished to say "Look in front of you.. I'm here, aren't I?"

So my love is gone, the sun is set.

 But I'm not saying goodbye to her, not just yet.

I have my gun here, so I too, will " Bite It "

 Right on the bullet, I say goodbye tonight, and hello to my love, my shadowed light.

We will be reunited, I'll see her once again.

But to do so,  my life must come to an end.

And to this I must end, I really have sang

I Bid You Goodbye, For I Must Go Out With A Bang.




That's a very moving poem.  I'll pray for you and for your Alice.


XD oh man, i should've made this clear.  I wrote this cause an idea popped in my head, i wrote this poem cause i had the words " out with a bang" stuck in my head.. Alice was a name that worked best with the poem and it is one of my favorite girl names! i tend to go kinda crazy with my writings. if i have a sentence or plot in my head i go to town. i appreciate you reading it. Thank you! :D

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