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I am a fallen angel, Darkness is my garment, And fury is my weapon. I was once wreathed in light, And I did the bidding of my master.
I was wrong; I didn't fall in love with you. I jumped.   ~awatr
A Fallen Hero by Steven Isaiah Gilliard   I was known as being tough and respectful. I was highly respected by my fellow brothers and sisters.
I've risen up from the bottom I’ve free fallen from the top I'm down to earth But the free fall never stopped I was eventually battered by the waves
Fallen in love with things unseen Culture I have adored People I'v never met before Inspired beyond reward   Trapped in this selfish humanity Gated we'll always be
He loomed from the depths of hell He swam from the ends of the earth He screams, He dies, He trails me, He is darkness
O LordHow I have fallen overAllowed my fresh to take overAddictions of old uncover
drenched in her own sinful passionsthe moonlight caresses her silky curvesas she dances with reckless abandonher bare feet carrying ancient tattoossymbols of long forgotten midnight rituals
It all started with the Drums. That steady beating that created towers and slums. Steady beating for those wounded and fallen, Drumming for those who were beaten and forgotten All were supposed to seen as a patriot,
I look around.   Chaos fills the skies. And the dust has only settled enough For us to see the broken walls and cities whom have met their own untimely demise.   Something has shifted.  
Hope flickers like a small flame Easily put out in the wind of the ghastly night. So I lay on the cold hard floor Staring at the silver moon dancing. Dancing with the fading stars Across the onyx abyss.
What happens after I am happy, I'm energetic and alright. I'll be happy for a while, Not tiered at all, Keeping myself up, With these ideas of joy and love. This is my state of mania perhaps,
What is left of the past, When we walk down the streets, The ones we lived upon,  And the seem to be an empty memory. The faded pictures of people we knew, An old recording of me and you.
No one has time, But there's always time To complain. No one sees, But they do. No one cares In this world We once called home. I only know What I've been told,
I fell hard.
He was most human in his final momentswhich proved to be his undoing.His last grasp at possible atonement,sins as thick as his blood spewing.  
Kingdoms shall fall
Sometimes I care so much it hurts So I hide behind indifference for anesthesia I'm running from my inner demons It’s easier to use my sins as temporary amnesia   I wear my Scarlett letter like a mask
If I could be That man you always dreamed I'de take you away high above the sea But truth to be told I can never be That guy I wish you could find in me   I wish I could say all I want to say
The times are deathly dark Blind to the light Cannot seem to escape My dreadful fate Who'll save me from myself When no one cares to help
  Pulsating through my body is a dark light -   A light darker than any night.   My eyes look like liquid fire-   I spread my black wings, and fly higher and higher.  
Story of my life. Dying, dying, dead. Story of my joy. Going, going, gone. Story of my soul. Mutilating, mutilating, mutilated. Story of me. Alone.
I wake up in the morning to find that you are gone Thought that it was just a dream but your absence says I'm wrong I see our old friends when I go out I force a smile and try to find something to talk about
The darkness will rise, The moon will shine, And take souls as a prize, While the creatures moan and whine.   The morose skies, The dreadful evils, The hopeless cries,
There is no love for her
This predictable feeling of old,  The one of countless tales told,  Has become an object of the norm,  That word surrounded with storm,  I had predicted to feel detached from me, 
Black runs like the river Mixing with the fallen red already on the ground Swirling, eerily, on the black pavement Clear drops fall, Some the pure of rain, Others heavy & laden with salt
I fall. Feeling weightless, the panic and the comfort. Fallen angels wings surround, Floating, bells sound. Ringing in the distance. Down to loved ones embrace, ahead of the wind Deaths embrace.
When shadows come forth with life, as day turns to night. The secrets of our hearts are brought forth into site. We seek our keys, those that let us lock it all away.
here we are all alone, each of us a dry,    dead             bone. NOTHING left to loVe or haTe                          a barren wasteland of empty fate
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